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Your gift, when faced with a business problem or failure, is to view the situation in a different way that others do not see.  This allows you to convert negatives into opportunities.  But you may be held back by internal or external constraints.  

An executive consultant, with a background in business and in psychology and communications, can help you identify and resolve the internal and external barriers that prevent you from moving forward.

Basically, I’m a problem solver and I have always been for going on 50 years.  I’ve enjoyed a different way to look at life, at work, at how things are done.  What has driven me is the desire to find new, innovative ways to do things that were easier, more productive and more economical.  But, sometimes, the external is not the problem, it is our own internal constraints.

Executive consulting is not psychotherapy but it employs some of the techniques that psychotherapy includes.  These techniques can help you to better understand why you may get stuck or react negatively to business situations.  They can show you how you are the product of your upbringing and how early, unresolved issues often get in the way of success.  An awareness and an understanding of those issues can enhance your ability to move forward.

Of course, there are no guarantees or promises of success or failure, but, if you focus and use the skills that got you to where you are today, you will be able to overcome existing barriers and achieve what you set out to do.

A good consultant will help you solve business problems and grow as an executive.

A great consultant, who may also be trained as a therapist, will help you understand your weaknesses and work through them, giving you more energy to move past immediate challenges and help you see a clearer vision for your future.


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